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2016 Red Dragon Foundation Community and Alumni Dinner and
Distinguished Alumni Program!

Saturday, October 1st from 4:45pm to 10:00pm.
Purchase Line High School.

Buffet dinner, Presentation to alumni, and Dancing in gymnasium. $15.00 per ticket.

Thank you to all that bought a ticket!

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Hall of Fame

Distinguished Alumni Winners to date:

Sara Wellen, 2001
George LaVanish, 2002
Elsie (Tucker) Young, 2003
Kathryn Mahaffey, 2004
Purchase Line High School 2005
Dorothy (Prushnok) Rairigh, 2006
Dwight "Arch" Brocious, 2007
W. James Tyger, 2008
James Klyap, 2009
Elaine (Peles) McMullen, 2010
Edward Gaydosh, 2011
G. Daniel Prushnok 2012
John "Butch" Prushnok 2012
David Prushnok 2012
James McQuown 2013
Robert I. Biss 2014
Mary Lynn (Henry) Carraway 2015
Dr. Laura Stossel 2016

Alumni Hall of Fame Dinner Dance Nomination Form
Print and send in by May 1st.

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